Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ribbon Organizing Tip!

There is NO other scrapbook supply that I collect more than FABULOUS ribbon!!! Yards and Yards of FABULOUS ribbons!!!!

This often poses a problem though for a lot of people.....Especially a STORAGE problem! I know we all have our own ways of storing ribbon but I just wanted to share what "I" do and organize MY ribbons!!!!

I use book rings!!! You can find them in varying sizes and colors and I organize mine by color. All of my pink ribbons on one ring all of my blue on another and so on and so forth then I have some peg board that I keep all of my supplies on and I hang them off of a long pronged hook OR you can get and old paper towel holder and clip your book rings to that! Or something ive done in the past was to put them on a wooden dowel hung up in my scrap space.

Here is a photo of my example:

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