Friday, November 9, 2007

Challenge #1 with Trace!

Trace, our November Scrapper of the Month, is hosting a challenge over at M2R.

Check it out HERE!

Here are the details from Trace herself: "Okay Ladies... Who is ready for a challenge????? Seeing as how I am new to the board and really would like to learn a little about each and every one of you, I challenge you to create a layout listing 10 words you would use to describe youself. For mine, I said that I am silly, funny, genuine, hyper, sassy, outgoing, loving, talkative, friendly and KRAZY!!! I can NOT wait to see to see what everyone comes up with... HAPPY SCRAPPING!

Here is Trace's example... Be sure to leave her some love in the M2R GALLERY!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Using Transparencies!

How-to by Jenn

I love to use transparencies on my projects! I am sure you have noticed that a lot of scrap manufacturers have started creating transparencies. From 12x12 overlays to tiny clear embellishments, you can find these all over the scrappy world!

Despite all the awesome products on the market, sometimes making your own is more fun! I always have clear office transparencies in my scraproom! They can go right through your printer and you can create one of a kind looks! You will notice that the transparencies purchased at your local office supply store are smooth on one side and rough on the other. You want to print on the rough side. I have tried using different settings on my computer and printer and I found that with my equipment, if you just print as if you were printing on paper it works best! You may want to test it out and play around to see what works best for you. Because the transparencies are thin you should have no problem with paper jamming. If you can print on cardstock using your printer then you can use transparencies!

You can print your journaling, titles, emellishements and even your pictures on transparencies!

In this LO I used a transparency to print my picture on, then I added some paint to the back of the picture to make it pop! I wanted to it be funky!

In this LO I printed the world on a transparency!

Thank you Jenn...those are awesome ideas and samples!!

Urban Lily "Oh, So Merry" Collection

Product Review by Alicia

These papers are just beautiful!!! Such a great way to dress up those great family shots taken during Christmas. These papers remind me of those beautiful berry wreaths we decorate our homes with during the holidays!! I used these for 2 of my favorite Christmas photos. These papers are sure to please!!

Robin has a limited amount of these papers left in the store, so if you're interested in purchasing some, please contact Robin!

Here are Alicia's beautiful layouts using this gorgeous collection...

Monday, November 5, 2007

November Featured Scrapper: Trace Geworsky

We would like to welcome our November Featured Scrapper, Trace Geworsky, to M2R!!! We are thrilled to have her as our featured member this month and are so excited to get to know her and see her fabulous stuff!! Here's a little more info about Trace!

Name: Trace Geworsky

Family: Hubby of 6 years (who supports this addiction) and a very cute yet mischievious son, Si, who just turned 4. He is the main cause of this addiction, as I usually scrapbook his daily "adventures."

Three words to describe me: KRAZY!!!!! outgoing, and loving.

How I found M2R: Actually on pubcalls (and I am very glad I found M2R...there seems to be a very talented bunch of scrappers on the site).

My favorite part of the M2R website (besides the board): Where do I start?? I have only been registed for a short while, but it has already made quite the impression on me. Very friendly group of people, awesome challenges, and trendy, great products (sorry I couldn't limit it to just one).

How my style has changed since I began scrapbooking: DRASTICALLY!!!! I started out with stickers and decorative scissors, and now I have moved on to an actual style and my pages look a bit more I also have discovered a real passion for this "hobby."

How much time I spend each week scrapping: Minimum of 12 hours scrapping, but if I would factor in the amount of time I spend on the computer chatting on scrapping forums, posting layouts, etc that would be a scary number!!

My level of scrapbooking addiction: INSANE!!!! I live and breathe scrapbooking. It started with a hobby, turned into a passion, and now it's an obsession as it has to be a daily part of my life.

My current scrapbooking style: Eclectic/freestyle!

The scrapbooking trend I really love right now: Stickles!!! I can not get enough of them(even though I currently only own 4 colors).

The scrapbooking trend I am not so crazy about: Gold charms, I don't know what it is about them, but I just do NOT like!

Who is your favorite manufacturer today: Toss up between Rusty pickle and Daisy D's.

When do you do your best work, day or night: I am so not a morning person, but I get my best work done between 6 and 7:30 am while I am waiting for kids to get dropped off at my house.

What was your latest scrappy splurge: Crop-a-dile and alcohol inks. I do have my eye on the bind it all machine though.

My favorite layout and why I love it: This is a very easy answer. My favorite is a layout called "Grow together" I just created it about a week ago and it tells the story of my son waving out the window to his sister and brothers that are in Heaven. It was so innocent and so sweet. It was quite theuraputic to scrap about it.

My dream day: Well, the best weekend of my life so far was this past October when I went to the crop for kids event in Winnipeg (I spent the full weekend attending classes with instructors like Leah Fung). My dream day would be spent taking classes and hanging out with Elsie Flannigan & C.D. Muckolsky!

Here are some layouts from Trace...