Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Tutorial, a Challenge and a Sneaky Peek!

Hi Everyone! Today I have a tutorial, a challenge and another Sneaky Peek of the May Kit! First, let's get to the tutorial! I get alot of requests on how to make a 3 loop bow. So today I will show you how to make them! They are easy peasy!

First, you will lay a 6-8" piece of ribbon on your table.(If it curls up, just tape the ends!) You can use a sheer ribbon or the same ribbon as your bow. This is what you will use to hold the bow together.

Next, you will take your ribbon and lay it across the sheer ribbon and make a loop. This first loop should be the size you want the bow to be.

Then, continue to make loops until you have 3 loops on each side.

Hold the bow in the center with 1 finger or if you are having trouble you can temporarily put another piece of tape in the center of the bow to hold it. Then take the sheer ribbon and tie it in the center of the bow. Cut the sheer ribbon down and then fan out the bow and trim where necessary. And there you have it! A 3-Looped Bow!

Now I want you to make a 3-Looped bow and include it on a card, LO or whatever project you would like! You have until next Wednesday, April 29th to complete it and if you do, you get 5 points towards your April Charm! (Just edit your Points Sheet and add Blog Challenge Points = # of points!) I can't wait to see your bows!!

Now onto the Sneaky Peek!! If you would like to pre-order this gorgeous May Kit, full of yummy springy papers, just email Sarah @ The price of the kit is only $21 plus S&H. You can't beat that for such a lovely kit!!

Have fun creating and have a wonderful day!