Thursday, January 28, 2010

Raised Watermark Tutorial

Here I will show you a super easy and popular technique used everyday in the scrap world. Today we will be learning how to leave a raised watermark impression. First gather the following supplies, you will need, a heat gun, some embossing or pigment ink any kind of ink that dries slowly can be used here, embossing powder in clear, any stamp, some paper, and some ink that is darker than the paper you’ve chosen.

First grab your stamp and coat it generously with the embossing ink, you can do this by pressing the stamp onto the pad of ink or by picking up the ink pad and pressing it down onto the stamp.

When you feel you have coated the stamp with enough ink hover your stamp above your paper to get it into position then press down firmly. Remove the stamp and wash with soap and water or wipe off with a baby wipe.

Next unscrew the cap from you embossing powder and pour over stamped image. You want to be fairly quick with this step to prevent drying out the ink

Turn on your heat gun and let it warm up a few seconds then point toward your image. If you are using a light or thin piece of paper sometimes its better to apply the heat from behind the paper to reduce the chance of burning your paper and leaving unsightly marks.

Your image is correctly embossed when it turns shiny and has a smooth texture

Now that your image is embossed take out your ink that is darker than your paper. Here you can apply the ink directly to the image. A great tip is to use an application tool, I personally prefer to use makeup sponges to save money and time. Saturate your applicator.

Rub onto image.

In the end you have a fabulous image that adds depth and personality to any project!


Holly said...

Great tutorial-TFS

joni said...

Love this! Thanks for the tutorial!