Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's Thursday......

and it's the first day of HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING, I hope it's very springy wherever you are!

Spring always brings (hey I rhymed -- but not intentionally!! LOL) new challenges, new beginnings, new growth...lots of also is a good time to enjoy life and bask in the springy-ness.

Maybe one way you could enjoy this new springy-ness is to learn something new - or create something beautiful for your house or a friend or family member.....may I suggest a great way to do this very thing?!?!? Did you know M2R offers a class each month? This month is a fun, fun class offered by Valerie.....there are also great challenges to complete as well.....check out the March challenges by Valerie, Holly and Stacey as won't be disappointed!!!! There's still plenty of time to get these challenges done!!! :0) You can check them out here:

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janet said...

First time visiting the blog! It looks good! I love the Monday Praise...such a great idea!