Monday, September 10, 2007

How to use Ribbon By Val W.

How to Use Ribbon!!!

Ribbon is always such a fun embellishment to use on any layout or project!! They always give a layout or project the right texture to a layout!! For me, ribbon is one of those items that I have a ton of and can't help but buy more of it!!!! So, I'm going to give you a few examples of ways to dive into your ribbon stash and start using it up!!!

Ribbon can be used as a great way to tie off a seems most tags just aren't complete without a nice piece of ribbon tied or stapled to the end of it!!

Flowers are another fun way to use ribbon!!! You can use the ribbon as the flower stem to give a fun, whimsical look to the flower!! Or you can loop the ribbon into the flower!!! Add a few stitches in the center to adhere the ribbon flower together and you have a really fun flower on your page!!!

Framing a photo with ribbon...or the entire layout is also a fun way to use ribbon...and generally use up a lot of it!!

When creating mini books, it is always fun to tie a bunch of ribbon to the binding of the book to really dress it up!!! I also love making little ribbon page tabs in the book on each page.

There are so many uses for ribbon...the possibilities are endless!!

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