Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Using Paint on your Layouts by: Jenn B.

Using paint doesn't have to be scary!
Have you ever wanted to use a piece of patterned paper as your background but it was too "loud"?
Have you ever wanted to "ink" something but didn't have the right colors?

Use paint!!!

  1. Paint can be used to:
  2. Brush over paper to tone down a pattern.
  3. Brush over paper and then used for a journaling spot.
  4. Make dots or other shapes to form a frame.
  5. Alter embellishments.
  6. Rubbed along the edge of paper or pics using the inking technique.
  7. Stamp! Get out those stamps, you can use paint just like ink.

The thing to remember with paint is, start out small. You can always add more! I find that the cheap sponge brushes from your local craft store work best for applying paints. Blot the sponge and start out by lightly adding your paint. If you want more coverage, just do it again! I like to mix colors, that is something you cant do with your inks! Try using a few different paints to create custom shades! Finally, let your paint dry before adding your pictures and finishing your LO!

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